Stef did it again!

I have to send a big virtual jump up and down do flips in the air THANK YOU to Stef from Triple-Take...I thought our page needed a little "freshening up" and she came through once again. Where she finds the time I have no clue! But, Stef, I absolutely love my new look!

So...how did the six month anniversary go? Actually it went ok. We had a little b'day party for Richard at his mom's house that day with his sister and her family. His mom bought a bunch of balloons that we wrote messages on and sent up to Zoe so she could join the party too. We all watched them drift up into the clouds until we couldn't see them anymore. As always, each celebration is bittersweet. We miss her terribly and oftentimes the sadness hits us as hard as it did when the shock of her death wore off. I think for me, the week leading up to the anniversary was the hardest. She died on a Saturday and the anniversary fell on a Saturday so each day of that week I was replaying what happened (I wrote more about this in the previous post). That day, as the morning hours ticked by my chest got tighter and tighter, and then 9:50 am came and went....and that was it. An anniversary not celebrated as anniversaries normally are, just a quiet passing of time in which Richard and I lived and breathed through it and the world went on about it's business as it always does.

I have to thank those of you that posted comments and sent emails in response to my last entry. It helped, it really did. It also made me realize how few people actually got to know Zoe personally. So many people have only come to know her through my blog as she lived a short and very sheltered life either in the hospital or in the confines of our home. What continues to amaze me is how deeply she has touched so many people, despite the shortness of her life. I received some comments from those that hadn't commented before, but heard my plea for memories and therefore, not really knowing Zoe, at least offered me a tidbit about how she has changed their lives. The Speech School is going to memorialize her in October...she was hardly even AT the school...we never participated in school related activities, I wasn't on the parent committee, we were probably the least active family at the school (obviously for medical reasons)...and yet they want to honor her life in a way that will live on for years to come. This is absolutely incredible! I also got an email from one of her healthcare providers who wants to write a presentation about working with preemies with extended NICU stays to be given (hopefully) at a national conference...again, incredible!!! God is clearly showing me the "purpose" for Zoe's life and death...do I particularly like the fact that He only let me have her for 14 months? Absolutely not!!! I wonder, why only 14 months? Couldn't she have lived a full long life and still inspire and change people's lives? There are quite a few living people that change others lives...why did she have to die to do so? I know I won't get that answer anytime soon and I am trying so hard to take some shred of comfort in knowing that her story has touched and will continue to touch people for years to come...but it's still really, really hard!

As for Zoe's sisters, we've been in North Carolina since Friday. It's their first trip to my hometown and my first trip home in over two years! They have had a ball! My dad and stepmom will be moving out to their farm at the end of the month which we've finally seen in person and it is just beautiful, so peaceful, so calm...just an oasis! At their current house they've had plenty to keep the girls entertained between Sophie the cat and their three chickens. Lily tries to lay down next to Sophie, who at least lets Lily pet her, but usually scurries away when Lily lays down. The girls have enjoyed feeding the chickens and letting them out in the morning, checking for eggs in the afternoon, and saying "nigh-nigh" at bedtime. Lily has absolutely no fear...when we visited the farm she wanted to walk right up to one of the cows and had that cow not backed up (and I not grabbed her from behind) she would have! She is definitely not shy either, she may play shy for about a minute upon meeting someone new, but then she's all smiles, running, dancing, singing, talking..whatever it takes to get a laugh. Avery usually follows suit, but tires of this game and is content to settle in someone's lap for a while for one-on-one snuggle time.

We had a little pool party this afternoon...the Davis triplets (from my same age group) came to play as well as my friend, Gwen (who I've known since preschool) and her family. The girls all had so much fun together and really seemed to be getting in their "groove" just when it was time for everyone to go home! I'm off to Viriginia tomorrow to visit with a couple of blogging triplet moms, so I'm very excited about that. It's kind of weird, but I take some sense of comfort in being around other triplets and triplet moms. I know many people who have lost a child in a multiple birth have a really hard time around other multiples and I fully expected that I would too...but these ladies have so embraced me and assured me that I am still a mom of triplets. I like being around them, I like being around all their kids, I like Lily and Avery to be around them...we've taught them to say "I'm a triplet" so that when we're out in public and someone says "Awwww...twins" they'll reply "I'm a tiplet".

I'll let you all know how the rest of our trip goes, but so far it's been a wonderful time!!

Grampa, Grandma Birdie and the girls on the tractor!

Grampa and his cows

Farmer Grampa

The girls pet a gussie at Murray and Esta's farm

On the Jimmy Cart with mom and Esta

Lily couldn't wait, she dove head first into the pool!

The girls had to test out the little pool before their friends came the next day to play in the BIG pool

Lily LOVES to get the eggs

Suki, Maya and Lily in the pool

Almost all the girls....Avery was off snuggling somewhere

How many little girls can sit still on a bench?
Four out of six isn't bad!

Moms and their gals


Stefanie~ said...

Your Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.. anytime!!!

You look, as always, Gorgeous!!! Thanks for the shout out and for sharing some farm pics...

MaryBeth said...

I love your new bloggy design! Looks like you guys had a great playdate with Jen and crew. I love NC... I spent a year at Chapel Hill getting my masters about 10 years ago. Once you girls are all back home we'll have to reschedule our little get together. Enjoy your trip to VA!

Jessica said...

Ugh...I missed you ladies so much today. My mind was nowhere but with the three of you. I was pretty much useless. I really hope that you all had fun, and perhaps were able to take a photo to help enjoy the day. I am so glad that you all were able to still get together, regardless of MY crazy schedule...
I hope that you'll be in our neck of the woods again, and we'll be able to figure this out again.
Missing you!!

Ginny said...

I love your blog. I plan on coming to the ceremony in October. I adore all of the pictures of Zoe. I hope you are doing well.

The Davis Trio said...

We really enjoyed spending some time with you and the family Keira. The girls are still asking for Avery,Lily,& "Cat,meow" lol.

All time favorite video of Zoe!

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