A quote to share

Zoe's teacher shared this with me today and I had to share it with all of you:

When a child dies, an angel comes down from heaven, takes the child in its arms and spreading out its large white wings visits all the places that had been particularly dear to the child. From the best loved place the angel gathers a handful of flowers, flying up again to heaven with them. Here they bloom more beautiful than on earth, but the flower which is most loved receives a voice so that it can join the song of the chorus of bliss.

-Hans Christian Andersen

And another Zoe moment...a dear friend of mine had been holding on to a gift she had for my girls since Zoe first came home from the NICU (Oct '07). She finally had an opportunity to give it to me last week. She handed me a small package wrapped in ladybug paper; inside was a packet of personalized cards that read "Avery, Lily & Zoe Sorrells". I think she hesitated giving them to me as she was uncertain if I wanted personalized items w/ Zoe's name on them...she decided to go ahead and give them to me and I am glad she did. The cards are very sweet, green and pink striped with a cute little ladybug at the top. Realize...the Zoe moment here is the fact that she had these made a year and a half ago, before Zoe died, and before I started having ladybug/Zoe moments. I thanked God & Zoe that instant for letting me know she's still hanging around me. It just goes to show that the great plan is well thought out and laid out months, even years, before we have a clue about what is to come or has been. Thank You Lord!


Rachael said...

the quote is just beautiful. and the gift from your friend, incredibly sweet.

Denise Wheeler said...

The quote is beautiful and the story about the gift is even more beautiful!

All time favorite video of Zoe!

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Bible verses that comfort me

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~ 2 Corinthians 5:8

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