I'm so excited....

Betcha didn't expect to see that title from me, huh? Well, today I called the Walton Tribune and the Athens Banner Herald to tell them about our little candle lighting ceremony. Both papers are interested in writing something! I don't know if it will be a full blown article or a tiny blurb on the back of the last page, but I don't care. All I care about is that National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness is well....creating awareness! Change only happens through awareness...if no one knows about something you feel passionately about how can you expect change?

So, our little candle lighting ceremony that started off with maybe 10 names and was just going to be an intimate affair at our home with family is now going to be in the center of town. The Courthouse walkways will be lit with the light of love from our babies and will make sure people know that every life...no matter how short or how many minutes it did or did not spend outside the womb, or how many days, weeks, or months it spent in their mother's arms...is important and deserves to be acknowledged. The parents of these babies and children deserve to be supported and their grief acknowledged.

I still get a few emails a day asking me to add their angels to the list. And these women are simply overflowing with gratitude for the simple act of acknowledging their lost child. What a simple way to spread support to these parents while at the same time bringing awareness to Pregnancy and Infant Loss AND introducing the Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation. I cannot however take complete credit for orchestrating this event...you see, Zoe had a hand in it as well. Just a few days ago (when my list was up to 160 or so) I was trying to visualize our yard with all the candles lit and how I would arrange them when a thought so clear, so distinct popped into my head. It was the image of the Courthouse lawn ensconced in soft candle light, and I said "Thanks Zoe, I'll get right on that." I heard the message loud and clear and have no doubt it did indeed come from Zoe. The very next second the thought "hey, call the paper, heck call all the papers and see if they'll write about it...you never know how far you can take this and what do you have to lose?" So I did. So....thank you Zoe...as always you are two steps ahead of me and guiding me along. I think next week I'll go a little farther and call any newspaper or parent publication that will take the time to listen to me...again, what have I got to lose?


Anonymous said...

Please take lots of pictures! It will be an amazing night honoring all of our angels. I wish I could make the trip down to be there in person and meet you!

Michelle said...

Sometimes it seems like acknowledgment is all we have left.

It's so exciting - and yet so heartbreaking that your list is so long.

nancy said...


It is so good to see you turning the unbelievable pain into such a positive force!



Tabatha said...

I would love to add my sons name to the list but for some reason I can't access your email. I would also like to recieve directions. I went to one of these that was held just five days after losing my son but the didn't do it last year. Oct 04 has been two years since our loss. WE live close to Athens. My sons name was/is Cohen Minish. Could you add him and also email me the directions. tabatham8@hotmail.com THANKS FOR DOING THIS!!!!!!!

Candace Hickey said...

Your strength continues to amaze and encourage me! I am so happy that the ceremony is going to have some positive publicity to honor all the little angels in Heaven.
Hugs to you....Candace

All time favorite video of Zoe!

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