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I guess I've been a little video crazed lately...they say that around the 6th month after losing your child you enter a searching/yearning stage...I would say I am fully engrossed in this stage. I've been watching every single second of Zoe footage that we have. Most of it is on those little mini tapes and aren't converted to digital format yet, so there will be many, many more slices of Zoe's life that I'll be able to share. So hit play above and see my little girl just having a conversation with her mommy!

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Dorinda said...

The girls and I enjoyed all your videos! Julianna kept pointing and saying "baby" whether it was Zoe or Lily :) I'm glad you have so much video of Zoe and believe me from what little I've seen Zoe knows that you love her now and always will!

God bless you girl,

All time favorite video of Zoe!

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