Easter and other stuff

We ended up having a very nice Easter. My aunt sent these adorable outfits for them that worked perfectly and they got not one, but two, Easter egg hunts. We're still in the throughs of cold, flu, and RSV season so they're still quarantined, so no family egg hunt with their 10 other cousins. It was good practice, 'cause next year they'll have quite a bit of competition when hunting eggs.

While we missed Zoe terribly and there were definite moments for both Richard and I when her absence was so apparent, God gave us a little gift that brought us each a smile...Avery took her first steps! I wouldn't call her an official walker just yet, she's still VERY cautious, but she did it. And not to be outdone by her sister...Lily took a few steps towards Richard a few days later.

We've started grief counseling with a lovely older couple who lost their teenage son 21 years ago. After one session with them I did feel hopeful...the wife said that I can choose to become bitter or I can choose to become better by this experience. She said sho would help me become better. I'll write more about that later...for now, here are some recent pics of the girls

Who knew you could have so much fun in a Huggies box?

Namo, Avery and Lily on Easter

Lily loved finding eggs

And so did Avery

Abby needed a lift in our Mountain Buggy
she fits perfectly under the girls!

Saturday morning sweetness

Lily before her haircut

Lily and Alice after the big haircut

Avery's "mean" face

Family picture taken on my birthday
Zoe's flower is on the right next to me, a little
camouflaged by the background
That yummy strawberry coconut cake!


Naomi Levit said...

i'm glad you guys had a nice easter. wish i could have been there. maybe next year. well i love and miss you terribly.
auntie nomi

MaryBeth said...

The girls look so much older since the haircuts! Beautiful family photo, too.

guinnf said...

I am so happy that you had a nice easter. We did the haircut thing too. You girls did great. Thinking of you always,
Kimberly and the GA Guinn Triplets

nancy said...

It is so good to hear that you had a nice Easter--the girls look beautiful in their dresses and flower. I was also so glad to hear that you are doing grief counseling with the couple who lost their son. You always tackle everything so directly--that courage and directness is an extraordinary legacy for your girls.



Kelly said...

The girls looked adorable on Easter! Wow, first haircuts. Mike is being finicky about the girls hair and made me promise no official haircuts until age 2. For now I'm stuck with two mop tops who can occassionally get their bangs trimmed.

I'm glad to hear the grief counseling went well. It sounds miles better than the "help" you had before.

Big hugs and much love to all of you.

Dorinda said...

Hi Keira -

Just catching up with you guys but I have been thinking about you often and still praying for you all.

So much hair! Wow! We're nowhere near a hair cut - so sweet :)

Still thinking of you. Thank you for your honest and powerful posts. I have not lost a child so I don't truly understand but I have a close friend with 13 year old triplets who lost their only daughter at age 7 when her shunt failed (they were born very early and had many complications as well). The woman she has become is truly amazing and every day I aspire to be just a little like her. I know that seems odd but her story is inspiring. It still hurts, of course. She said to me recently that she had no idea those were her best years and that they are now gone. Everything since just isn't the same.

Despite her struggles she encouraged, supported and helped me when my girls were born healthy and almost full-term. I am still amazed by her courage.

I only want to share this because I can see despite your grief that you are a strong woman. Your girls, all three, are beautiful and you are now and always a mom of triplets!! May our God continue to provide you the ability to get through each new day and night.

Our prayers are still with you.
The Nelson family

gmcks said...

First steps held up surely by their guardian angel Zoe
What an amazing milestone...now you'll surely wish they would just sit down :)
janna (nsh scn)

Anonymous said...

LOVE seeing you & Richard & the girls with smiles. Cool Red Sox camoflage hat momma! ;-)
My love & prayers to you always.

All time favorite video of Zoe!

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