You've waited long enough

To all my faithful readers...thank you so much for leaving your comments. I love to see who's reading and keeping up with us. I love that there is such a mix of family, old and new friends, triplet moms, preemie moms, and so on.

And Taryn...yes, of course I remember you, how could I forget one of our favorite nurses? What's funny is that the day you left your first comment I had just come across the note you left for us when Zoe was discharged and I was going to email you to say hello...so I'm glad you beat me to it!

Hammer and Missy...at least this addiction won't harm you in any way...except it may make you postpone having kids :)

I'm sorry it took me so long to get this up. I have some really good excuses though:

1. We have been without a nurse for Zoe for the last 11 days - I'll save that story for another post - it's a doozie!!

2. Zoe had outpatient surgery last week to get her peg tube changed out for a mic-key button (and yes Kara I do love it! but am terrified of it coming out!!!)

3. Zoe also had to go to the ENT doctor last week to get retested in the sound booth (still showing severe to profound hearing loss) and in the process of #2 and #3I got strep throat and was quarantined at my mom's house for 2 1/2 days!!!!

So anyway, here you go but I've got to do these slideshows and videos in a few parts for reasons due to my amateur blogging, downloading, and uploading skills. I've got some great professional pics of the girls that my sister took one afternoon...but her files are so darn big I can't upload them very fast...so I'm hoping our "super cool auntie nomi" can maybe send me some photo files that are a little smaller??? I'm full of excuses today aren't I? Maybe I'll just keep stretching this out so you'll keep coming back and back and back :)

Anyway...here is the first set of pictures from our princess party and a few from Christmas. The girls first real Christmas (no isolettes, IV's or jaundice lights!!!). So, enjoy and keep reading!!! Their one year well baby check up is tomorrow...


MaryBeth said...

Cute, cute pictures! The party looks like tons of fun. Hope you are feeling much better now!

Naomi Levit said...

Thanks for the pics sissy!
I love them!

McTriplet Mommy said...

If her tube comes out - I'll come replace it for you. I nearly had a panic attack the first time (okay - the first three or four times!) and now he will even lay or stand still while I change it out - it's something that fortunately/unfortunately has become very routine.

The girls are as adorable as ever!!! :)

Amanda said...

Your blog is always so enjoyable...what a great writer you are. It's great keeping up with you & your family through the blog & the pics.
Hugs from Western NC :)

Helen said...

Fun pictures! I snagged your blog link from the MOST forums. I LOVE that you held your pictures hostage until people told you who they were - I should do that.... :)

Helen - fellow triplet mommy

All time favorite video of Zoe!

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