Enough is Enough

As we have all said at one time or another in life... enough is enough! I am posting this today in honor of my nephew John Testino. While there are many GT fans out there that I know and love I feel for John since, during my prime "fandom" years I was brought to tears by the exploits of certain dawgs who would snatch a certain victory away from my beloved yellow jackets.

Now here we are on an awful 0 for 6'er and in need of some masterful karma. If only one of my favorites - a Dewberry - could come back in his prime and use his perseverance to will the team to victory today (he was supposed to be a Dawg but turned out to be a great Jacket). To prevent another loss to the likes of a Stafford and Moreno connection (and for years to come) I am pulling in the big guns by using a commodity the epitomizes perseverance and toughness - Avery, Lily and Zoe. So today thanks to the girls' karma being used for all that is good for GT Mr. Bennet will play like Montana (or at least a Dilfer for the Ravens and avoid TO's) and Choice will feel the Karmical power of Avery in the 2nd qtr., Lily in the 3rd qtr. and Zoe in the 4th qtr. to pull out a monumental upset of the Dawgs bound for the BCS until feeling the sting of these Jackets of Destiny today.
Notice that if I can talk Keira into another pregnancy I would have enough chicks to setup a full formation in the Power I! A great sign (and true) is that as soon as Avery put on her GT onesie (sorry you can't see the logo on any of them) she felt the power of Tashard and starting crawling! I have the video to prove it.


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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU girls for your support! As much as I hate to say it, I think we need all the good karma we can get today - if anybody can pull us through this, it is you tiny powerhouses! A picture is worth a thousand words - this picture tells me 2 things: 1.Unk was up first today for the early feeding (& dressing) and 2. Keira is not entirely on board with your plan because I can clearly see that she is purposely hiding Zoe's GT logo with her hands.
Congrats to Avery on crawling today! Secure the baby gates!
GO JACKETS! Pull one through for John & the rest of us!
Stephanie, Tony, Laura, John & Ryan

All time favorite video of Zoe!

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