Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

One day I'll figure out how to post a slide show...for now just scroll down and enjoy our photos! It is SOOOOO great having Zoe home, she is doing wonderfully! Sleeping well and her two bottom teeth have just broken the surface of her gums. Avery is STILL ng-tube free and Lily has gone 48 hours without hers so far.....We have several follow up appts next week for Zoe so we'll see how they go, we'll see the GI doc, pulmanologist, and pediatrician. She has already had her Early Intervention evaluation and intake and one session of PT so far, which she tolerated beautifully. We are simply overjoyed to have all three girls at home.

And just for fun...look to the right and cast your vote! Hammer no rigging the system to automatically place one htousand votes each day for Furman...and Stephanie, Tony, Laura, John, and Ryan I'm expecting nothing but honest, and FAIR voting :)

Triple strolling in the driveway
Zoe was up front, but she had to take a little break

Lily-Blue Eyes

Laughing Avery

Zoe at the head of the pack

All three girls in their room

Hip-hop Avery
Lily loving her banana yogurt
Great-grandma (Mema) with her 13th great-grandchild

Party-time Zoe with a lei that Dr. Manar brought

We finally got that wheelchair ride!!!

Mom, Zoe, and Z's primary nurse Susan
Zoe with Mary from the developmental teamZoe with Brandt her audiologist

Zoe with Connie "the picture lady"

Nurse Kellie, Mom, Nurse Suzanne and Zoe
Anne from OTPT, Connie, and Zoe on her last day!!!!


McTriplet Mommy said...

I love that they wheeled you out with that sweet baby girl in your arms. I love it! I'm glad to hear things are going well - please stay in touch!!

Oops - almost forgot... hooray Avery and Lily - want to see your sweet face without that tube soon! :)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! It was so awesome to read about Zoe's homecoming and seeing the pictures of your beautiful girls. I hope one day we can get our girls together and share stories of when we grew up together! Give them all a kiss for me.
Love, Hannah

Stef~ said...

I love seeing pictures... Finally.. home .. sweet.. home..

Naomi Levit said...

i love you girls! you are so freakin cute, i can barely stand it! i can't wait to see you all in december! i'm counting the days!
auntie nomi

All time favorite video of Zoe!

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