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Okay so it's been forever since I've written...well actually I started an entry all about food and feeding (known to most as eating, however to us in our preemie-feeding-issue world, it's called feeding) and how this singular thing has overtaken my life...but I think I'll save that for later. So instead I thought I'd do a quick update on the babies.

Avery has been sitting independently, in the non-physical therapy world this means she sits by herself:) she has also begun to bear weight in her hands and reaches across midline while sitting. She has also been feeding tube free for 10 days!!!! Yea Avery! I am so proud of her. She had been so consistant with 4 of her 5 feeds per day that we decided to give her a weekend and see how she did, well she did great so we kept on going. She has had no problem gaining weight - she now weighs 15lbs 12oz!!!! She even has started this funny inch-worm crawl where she plants the top of her head into the floor, tucks her knees up under her, sticks her rear in the air and then pushes with her feet, which sometimes makes her go backwards. So cute, but a little counterproductive.

Lily is working on sitting independenty and can roll over really well from back to belly, although most times she is quite content to be on her back looking at toys that she just reaches around and finds. So, we have to put the toys just out of reach so she has some incentive to roll over to get them. She is so happy, always smiling and laughs the cutest little belly laugh you've ever heard. If I could ever figure out how to post a video I'll post one. She's still got here feeding tube, but is primarily used for one feeding per day. We tried her without her tube, but she just isn't ready yet...we'll give her a few more weeks. She has come a couple of times with me to Zoe's school to "pretend" to be Zoe while we were awaiting the teacher's non-medical credentialing. She does so well, it is so fun to see my little girl responding to the teacher, eager to do what Linda is trying to get her to do. It is just so cool!

Drum roll please..........Zoe IS coming home!!!! It might not be ON October 7th but it WILL be sometime that week. She is doing great! Except for the teething, she is bright-eyed, happy, smiling, laughing...just so cute. Her teacher did get her hospital priviledges so we'll get to see her in Zoe's room on Tuesday. Afterwards I'll get equipment training on all the equipment Zoe will come home with (oxygen, nebulizer, suction, pulse ox & apnea monitor) and then on Wednesday I'll get to spend a twelve hour shift "nesting" with Zoe. They have a room that is set up like a little suite and parents can spend 8 to 24 hours with their baby taking care of them without the help of the nurses, unless needed. I'm very excited to have this opportunity to actually take care of MY baby. We get to spend a whole day together, just us.

So I the next post will be her homecoming unless something really exciting happens in the meantime. Oh, and does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get Lily's hair to lay down????


Anonymous said...

Hi Keira,

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your beautifully written updates on your girls. You and your family are truly an inspiration and I am so excited that you will have all your girls home together soon.

Much love, Eve

Anonymous said...

This is such wonderful news!! I am very excited about the approaching homecoming! Can't wait to see the pictures and read the story.
Love, Hannah

All time favorite video of Zoe!

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