Family Fun

Can you believe it? Richard and I were alone with our babies on Saturday! We usually have at least one or more relatives with us to help...but we had them all to ourselves today and we decided to have a family day. Usually Richard or I go to see Zoe by ourselves on the weekends so she can have our undivided attention, but today we thought a family outing would be nice. It was a pretty active afternoon and all three girls got totally worn out!!\

Rascal 1 and Rascal 2 - looking like they might be about to get into something. I didn't realize that 8 1/2 month old (5 months adjusted) babies would start exhibiting their personalities to such a full extent!

Zo-Zo was exhausted from the visit!

Here's mom, multi-tasking - A and L played in Z's bed while Z snuggled

Z got a haircut! Her baby hair has started to fall out and her new hair has started to come in. The poor girl looked like she had a mohawk and a mullet because her baby hair was soooo long but had become a bit scraggily!

Zo-Zo also got to try some fruit today for the first time! Daddy gave her pears which she liked. I swear, my baby who was on the ventilator for 14 weeks is going to be the best eater out of the three!! The one most likely to have oral aversions, likes to eat. If her lungs were stronger she'd eat more I'm sure...she just gets tired.

A novel concept - opening your mouth to eat!! A and L - take notes!
We had a great time and I just looked at Richard in my state of bliss, huge smile on my face and said "I am so happy right now" the only thing better would be if we had been at home! Soon enough :)

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McTriplet Mommy said...

So glad you had a nice visit!! I'm sure it is fun to have the girls together. Zoe's new haircut looks great!! :)

Take care,

All time favorite video of Zoe!

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