A beautiful evening

Though the topic is sad, there was a sense of comfort and healing at the 3rd Annual Rainbow of Roses Remembrance last Saturday.  The weather was much kinder to us this year and my volunteers did such a great job of setting up, helping out, and breaking down.  We had more involvement from other bereaved families while we honored 350 babies from across the country, Canada, and the UK.  One of my favorite moments was when the families in attendance walked along the hillside to light a candle for their own angel.  Most stayed for a while until after it was dark and we all watched the candles twinkle against the darkness.

We had parents who had a loss as recent as a month ago and one family who lost one of their twins 15 years ago.  It was an intimate gathering, I'd say we had 30 or so people who came, along with our 10 volunteers which gave me an opportunity to welcome each family individually and hear a little bit of their story.  As odd as it may sound, I think I need some bereavement training!  I found myself wanting to find just the right thing to say and feeling sad in knowing that there was nothing perfect to say.  All I could do was welcome them, ask about their baby, listen if they chose to talk, and give them a hug.  I know that's all you really need sometimes when you miss your baby.  A hug from someone who understands, from someone who is walking that very same grief path.  There is such power in the small things and yet in this day and age it seems everyone is reaching for the biggest or fastest this or the best that...when really what touches our hearts more deeply than anything is the personal connection of a hug and an understanding ear. Taking time to light a candle, read a name, sing a song, or share your story...time, quality, not quantity, but quality time is what counts.


mrsnice777 said...


I was at the 3rd annual rememberance celebration. I brought to other baby loss mommas with me - one older and one about the same age as me. Anyway, we really enjoyed remembering our babies with you and yours. We'll for sure be back again next year - and hopefully I can bring more ladies with me!

Thank you for all you do!
Jamie @ forget-me-notohlord.blogspot.com

Lori said...

it was an honor meeting you this weekend. i am thrilled you have a blog and i can get to know your girls even better. thank you for inviting me into the wonderful world of preemie parents!

All time favorite video of Zoe!

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