Holding photos hostage

I've decided to hold my photos and videos hostage until you tell me who you are. I'm so curious to know who keeps up with my girls. Are you a long time friend or relative? A virtual friend? A preemie mom or triplet mom? Let me know who you are and only then will I share our December photos :)


Taryn Wilson said...

Are you referring to me?? I left an anonymous comment on your post the other night. I thought I signed my name at the bottom, but this is Taryn Wilson from Northside NICU. I took care of Lily, Avery, and Zoe back-to-back-to-back right after they were born. Do you remember me?
You left a card with a cute poem and some slips of paper with this blog address along with the Zoe buttons you made when she went home. That's how I know about the blog. Sorry to alarm you! :) I don't have a blogspot username or anything, so that's why I clicked anonymous. Just wanted to tell you how wonderful they look!

McTriplet Mommy said...

heehee... love it. :)

I am I.

Am I a triplet mom? Check.

Am I a preemie mom? Check, check, check.

Am I a friend? Virtual... I hope! :)

I don't "know" you personally - but boy have I come to care deeply about those three little girls and enjoy seeing their incredible growth and development!!!


Anonymous said...

Preemie Mom. Eight years ago right now I was lieing in a hospital bed trying to keep him IN. It didn't work. He will be eight at around 2AM tomorrow morning.

Samantha C. said...

Mom of Triplets. Don't remember how I found your site probably through another triplet site! Have enjoyed reading about your girls. I have 17month BGG.

Casey's trio said...

I have been blog hopping today and found you. I also have triplet girls who were born at 25.1 weeks. They turned 2 in August and are into everything! I look forward to reading more about your girls.

Naomi Levit said...

I'm their super cool Auntie Nomi! I keep up to date on the little princess sorrells clan all the time! I love you all...k,r,a,l,&z! Show us the pictures! We're dying to see them!
Auntie Nomi

Katherine H. said...

I'm one of your mom's cousins--and a twin! Enjoying your blog!

Christie McGovern said...

Christie...Mom of preemie triplets and "virtual" friend on the yahoo group. Post more pictures of your beauties!!!

nancy said...

Nancy Levit, your second cousin. (Does that make me a third cousin, three times, to Avery, Lily and Zoe?) My web site is at: http://www.law.umkc.edu/Faculty/levit.htm

Your Christmas card took our breath away! Can't wait to see the new pics of 1 year olds. How can time have gone so fast?



Suzanne said...

Your old friend Suzanne. I read every update as soon as I receive it! Keep the photos coming!

Happy New Year and Love to You All!


ps. Thanks for forwarding the cookies...

Lara Jacquot said...

I love reading the blogs and seeing the blogs.
Old friend and soon to be mom of 3 on the 9th,

abby said...

I found you because your cousin Nancy (above) found our blog. I am a co-mom to a surviving 23 weeker twin, Hallie, who is now almost 19 months old (15 adjusted).

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Came across your blog thru another blog.
Was pregnet with triplets. Lost one at 17 weeks. Had twin boys at 37 weeks, 7 years ago. I also have 16yrs, and 13 yr old daughters.

Jeff Hammer said...

Hey Keira,

This is Hammer and Missy and we're addicted to your blog. We've taken the first step towards recovery by admitting we've got a problem. We can't wait until the next round of pictures and videos have been released from captivity :)

Ed Ritger said...

I'm a photographer in need of photographs! Please Help!


Grandpa Jerry said...

I'm the grandpa that only gets to see these little rascals every month or so. The big advantage is that each time I see them I get to see the colossal steps in development that they are making. The downside is that Birdie and I miss them and their mom and dad so very much when we are not in their awe-inspiring presence.

Everyone here in the Chapel Hill area sends their love and thanks for the the astonishing holiday card.

All my love,

Grandpa Jerry

Kelly said...

What a clever way to out your lurkers!! I'm always checking in on you, and want to see those pics!

Anonymous said...

I'm your mom and I see the little cherubs almost every day, but I still check for photos (just in case the blog notification isn't working!) and your journal entries that move my heart to both tears and laughter. To live among tiny miracles whose mother so eloquently expresses her hopes, fears and good humor leaves me simply speechless. What a gift!
Love you. Mom

Amanda said...

It's me from CH, ATL and now Hickory, NC...Amanda Huegerich...Bostian :)

MaryBeth said...

MaryBeth here... I posted a comment last time I checked in, but for the record I'm a mom of triplets from the yahoo same group. i love seeing the photo slideshows you put together of your little ones- keep them coming!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! This is Hannah (Cohen) Adams, I am a very old friend (we were babies growing up together). I love checking on the girls, my little girl will be 1 this month, it is such an exciting time. Keira, you are an amazing person and I can tell a wonderful mother too. Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

We check in frequently - the kids especially love seeing pictures of their cousins - please post more!


Anonymous said...

This is Aunt Brenda and I really look forward to seeing pictures of these babies and reading about the progress they are making. They are so precious.

Grandma Birdie said...

Grandma Birdie here. I always look forward to your entries and seeing pictures of these precious little girls. It helps to keep in touch between visits. It was so wonderful to be there for the first birthday party and getting ready for Christmas. Can't wait to see the pictures!

Love to Keira, Richard, Avery, Lily and Zoe.

guinnf said...

Georgia Guinn Trips here, but you know about us already. LOL!

kimberly and the GA Guinn Triplets

Tiffany said...

Hi Keira,

This is Tiffany Cobb @ Classic Design Services. Audrey sent me the link to your blogspot, and I've been hooked ever since! The girls are growing so fast! I sent them a birthday card (to your email address), but I figured that you've been extremely busy these days. I ask Sondae about you quite often. I am anxious to see the pics! By the way, the Christmas card is adorable : )

Erin said...

I read your blog occasionally. My friend Kelly has a link to your blog from her "...and Babies Make Five" blog.

Jessica said...

I'm here too! Fellow triplet/preemie mom! :) Sorry I missed commenting on this originally!! Hope you're feeling better now, and I really hope none of the kiddos caught that nasty infection!!

All time favorite video of Zoe!

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