Turkey Time Tales

The following is a tale that truly exhibits how entertaining our 4 1/2 year old nephew is. I can only imagine the mischief he and Avery will get into together as soon as she realizes that he's the one who likes to get into mischief!

As told to me by my sister-in-law Stephanie. (Others mentioned: Tony my brother-in-law, John our 10 year old nephew, and Laura our 13 year old niece, Mema Richard's grandmother)

Stephanie: Ryan asked me if he could go into the forest with Tony when he goes to get our turkey. I cracked up & called Tony at work (from carpool line) to ask him after Ryan got in the car. We have no real weapons in our house, so Tony is supposed to take a sharpened broomstick, John is taking his air pistol & Ryan will be brandishing a butter knife, because that is the only knife he is allowed to use. When I told him that we wouldn't be cooking a turkey at our house, that we were eating at Mema's he asked if he could go into the forest with her. I told him that these days most people go get their turkies at the grocery store - so he asked if he could go into the woods to pet a turkey and steal an egg - he would run home very fast so the turkey couldn't catch him.

I can only imagine the stories we'll hear when the girls grow up - I can't wait! Happy Turkey Day to everyone!

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Anonymous said...

An update on the turkey hunt that occurred Wed. Nov. 21st...
Ryan eagerly set out with his butterknife, paper bag Dad & Daisy the dog in hopes of catching a turkey or at least stealing an egg or two. Unfortunately, Daisy must have scared away all the turkeys, and Ryan can home empty handed. His hopes were not dashed however, as he got out fishing poles so he & Dad could go fishing. They caught 2 fish that I (crazily) thought were for our Thanksgiving feast, but were actually for Ryan to keep in his room. He was upset when I told him this wouldn't work & the fish had to go back to the creek. He couldn't understand why John has fish in his room (an aquarium) & he has James Bond (his Beta fish) in a bowl but he couldn't keep these fish. Maybe he will become a vegetarian - if he can give up his Burger King cheeseburgers.

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